It would hurt if you have untreated cavities, you may also feel numb when consuming cold food or drinks. You can get the best dental care if you visit Kenneth l fong dds. Previously, do you know what might be causing your tooth cavities?

When we eat foods that are sweet, but after that we let it, the germs will process food waste becomes acidic which became the forerunner of the formation of dental plaque or dental caries. The presence of acid on the teeth we will make small holes which will be the point of the hole that would be great. Therefore, clean teeth after eating. It is not the sweetness of the food, but after eating sweets, we also have to wait to clean or brush. Some of the parents might say, our teeth cavities because eaten by caterpillars. The presence of dental plaque and dental caries is a cause and effect of the first and second factors. When our mouths a lot of leftovers, and then in our mouths there are a lot of bacteria, then we are prone to have cavities.

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