Not only in the United States that do ban the use of asbestos, but in some developed countries have also banned the use of the building material. in English, this prohibition has been applied more than 20 years because many people are harmed by asbestos exposure. not only adults but young children are also affected. although it looks like a trivial and common diseases, the residents of the UK will report that the use of asbestos and accompanied by mesothelioma attorney. they will make a claim for this matter and submit in court.

In contrast to the UK and the United States, some countries in Asia and Africa are still using asbestos in their buildings on a regular basis. According to them, although it is quite dangerous, asbestos material to best protect the house from the roof leaks when it rains. in addition to strong, the price is cheap asbestos also a top choice for some people in Asia and Africa. The government did not ban the country because of the issue of disease mesothelioma is not too much going on there.

date18 Dec
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