The sexual disease is the specific diseases that could attack a man’s sexual organ and even they could be transmitted to the women by having a normal or oral sex. The urologist in bangalore will be sharing some info with you on the types of sexual diseases that could infect the penis.

Here are the sexual diseases that often to attack many men :

1. Herpes

It’s one of the male sexual diseases that’s caused by a virus. It can be treated but sadly, it’s cannot be cured. The early symptoms look like the reddish, fluidly wound. This symptom starts to occur 5-10 days after having a sex with a sex partner who has been infected by herpes. If it’s treated, the virus will stay in the body, but it will relapse from time to time. Unfortunately for the women, this type of sexual disease couldn’t be seen due to the wound is inside the vagina.

2. Syphilis

It’s a male sexual disease that caused by the bacteria. However, it’s different from herpes. Syphilis will show its symptoms in weeks or even months after a man had a sex with the syphilitic sex partner. The wound in the penis could also spread to other body parts. The administration of penicillin can help to weaken this disease. However, the bacteria will stay in the body and will recurrence periodically.

3. The genital warts

It’s a male sexual disease that’s caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The wart could be just one or becomes many. Fortunately, this particular genital skin disease is can be cured.

4. The genital ticks

There is a male sexual disease that’s caused by one type of insect, and that’s the ticks. They usually like to stay in the thick genital hair. That’s why you need to shave your own genital hair regularly or at least you need to wash them every day. The lack of hygiene could cause the ticks to be infested in your penis.


The most dangerous and the deadliest sexual transmitted disease. It will disable or weaken a human immune system and even could be passed down to the children of the HIV patients. It’s could be caused by the unsafe sex with a lot of partners.

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