Have you heard the news in the papers about the explosion that emerged from the septic tank of a house? If you have, you may also need to be careful of septic tanks in your home in order to avoid the possibility of your septic tank exploded. Therefore, you need to perform routine maintenance by hiring the professional septic pumping service in Jacksonville, Florida.

The explosion could occur due to a septic tank full of gas decomposition which is produced the human body’s natural waste. This thing can occur because the installations which not comply with the standard installation of the septic tank. Well, in order to reduce the risk of full gas in a septic tank, you need to make the air ways that we often encounter or look over the installation of septic tanks.

We recommend you to not underestimate the function of air pipe placed over your septic tank because of only an aesthetic value reason of your home. The case of septic tank explosion that occurs in several cities in nowadays due to the improper septic tank installation, for example, in the absence of air pipes. Although there is water flow, gas still has a lighter mass that gas is above the water without being influenced by the flow of water. When gas is met by free air, explosions cannot be avoided and certainly cause any harm to you and your family. So, you need to ensure that the installation of a septic tank in your house is done properly by a professional installer.

If you want to avoid the explosion of your gas, please make sure that the septic tank has at least an air way as a channel to excess air come out from the septic tank and prevent the explosion which might be dangerous for you and your family as well.

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