The first week of weight loss diet with calorie control is easy. Second and third weeks are generally not too difficult, too. But around the fourth or fifth week, it seems the scales did not change for some people. This indicates the achievement of weight loss has leveled off first. The phase in where currently the weight remains stubborn or do not want to go down is called the plateau phase. It is actually a normal phase to happen to someone who is going on a diet, including the 3 week diet plan. Read the review of the 3 week diet plans here. Of course, this makes the plateau itself to be very desperate that many people give up and ignore their attempts to lose weight. Surprising is that the actual condition of the plateau is a positive or good sign. It is a sign of the body that have lost their body fat but not weight. It might sound as if it is a contradictory or opposite statement.

How could someone lose body fat, but the weight remains? Basically, the answer is your body to retain water at this time, although the body has lost some earlier instead of fat lost. Water suspended until it is gone, the scales will record your overall achievement. The scales cannot distinguish between fat and water weight, whilst oneself also cannot see into the body, but we can learn and understand what is happening and why.

The human body, like the food we eat, is made up of nutrients protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. If you weigh 75 kg, your body will consist of 45 kg of water, 15 Kg, and 15 Kg fat is another nutrient. As you can see, our body is wet or watery. The water is not only in the blood, yet most of the water in the body is a part of the configuration of the chemistry between the cells, tissues, and organs. That is why, if your diet plan is facing the plateau phase, you do not need to panic because it is a normal thing to happen.

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