Lost car key is common and often because of misplaced key but we might panic if we left the keys inside the car. We can not open it directly because it will be automatically locked. The only way that we think might be by breaking the windshield. If we broke it, we could easily pick up the key were and keep it well. It does not solve the problem because we still have one problem in our car. We must bring it to Phoenix windshield glass replacement because they can remake the appearance of our car. We do not have to panic if the left the car key. We only need to think clearly and calm emotions. Sometimes, if we got panic, we lose because we do the wrong thing and hasty in making decisions. If there happens the same thing, better we follow the following steps:

First, usually, the car key is not only one and we make the duplicate of it for something like this. We have to find the duplicate key to the whole of the house. Sometimes, we forget to keep goods that are rarely used. Therefore, we have to look for all parts of the house. If we can not find it maybe, we can try to the next steps.

Second, we can use the long ruler to open the windshield from the inside. If the key is still stuck in the steering wheel, we can open the windshield the inside. If we do not have the long ruler, we can use anything that is long and flexible but it can press the button of the windshield. If it does not work, we can try to the third step.
Third, we should call the technician of auto glass because they can open the windshield from the outside. They know the working of the windshield and it will be done carefully. So, better we choose the three steps above than we crush our windshield.

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