For you who are one of the fans of Burger King, one of the biggest fast food restaurants from America which specializes in providing a lot of variations of menus for burgers, you might be able to even mention each of the menus of the restaurant Burger King Secret Menu. However, have you ever heard of Original BLT toppings added to a Whopper or Whopper Jr.? or Additional Cheese, Bacon, and Tomato on a Chicken Sandwich? Some of you might have ever heard, whilst some might have known them as one of the regular menus they order when coming to the restaurant.

Those two menus mentioned above are actually some of choices from the Burger King Secret Menu. Other than them, there are actually still some other secret menus of the restaurant such as Special Sauce with Beef Patties and four Slices of Cheese topped with Bacon and a Bun and also Veggie Patty Substituted for Beef for a Whopper or Whopper Jr. and some other secret menus. Unfortunately, not all of the items, including the ones mentioned in this article are available at every restaurant of Burger King. That is why it is not an easy task if you want to try each of the secret menus. Other than that, the price you have to pay for each of them from one Burger King Restaurant to another. If you are lucky enough, you might find one of the secret menus being displayed in the Burger King Restaurant in your local area. However, if not, then you might have to travel to find the restaurant of the Burger King franchise which has at least one of the secret menus as one of its offers. Things might be a little bit hard when you are trying to find these secret menus of Burger King, yet if you finally find at least one and try it yourself, every hardship you have been going through in the process of finding it will be worth it.

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