If you’ve never rented a car before, you must be worried about the car rental fraud or scams. Things like surprise costs or simply the rental is not as good as the ads would make you think twice before you’re renting a car. However, the car hire Aberdeen will share you the tips on how to avoid a rental car fraud or scams.

1. The license

If the car rental don’t have any license or permit to do the business or they cannot prove to you that they have been licensed, don’t even think to rent a car from them.

2. Ask the rental about the business

Ask them about anything you want to know about the car rental. If they are able to answer your questions quickly, correctly, and with the detailed and easy to understand answers, then it is likely to be a genuine car rental service.

3. Do a small research

You can investigate a car rental online by looking for the testimonies of the previous customers. However, not all of the testimonies you can find will be true. That’s why asking some recommendations from your friends will be a good idea.

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