Fishing the snakehead fish actually is not very hard. This happens due to the voracious nature of the snake head fish. However, due to its passive behavior, it requires special tricks so this fish would bite your bait. Besides that the meat is tasty and is good for health, most of the angler hunt this fish due to the unforgettable fighting sensation when this fish is pulling the hooks, especially for a freshwater fish. If you are also interested in fishing in the middle eastern sea, the deep sea fishing in Dubai is the best choice for you and your fellow angler friends.

Here are the 6 types of bait to catch the wild snakehead :

1. Frog

The frog is the most favorite food of the snakehead, especially a frog which still has its tail. The way to put it on the hook, hook the frog tail on the hook and make sure the ties is strong. It’s recommended to use the living frog. If it’s dead, the snakehead would lose its interest to bite the bait.

2. Grasshopper

The grasshopper that’s common to be found in the grass or rice field could also be used as the snakehead bait. Catch the grasshoppers with the relatively large size, so that the snakehead would be tempted by it. Then put the hook on the whole grasshopper body, starts from its leg to the head.

3. Banana leaf caterpillar

It’s a common secret that most of the freshwater fish love the banana leaf caterpillar. The snakehead is included. Even the use of the banana leaf caterpillar as a bait is claimed to increase the potential of our success for catching the snakehead. Just like the previous bait, make sure you’re hooking the caterpillar on the whole body.

We hope this info could help you to choose the correct bait to catch a snake head fish.

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